No. 1 It’s your duty to live Big. Step up to your Big Self!

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No. 1 It’s your duty to live Big. Step up to your Big Self!

Living BIG starts with You. Now, is the perfect time to dust off the Winter cobwebs and shake your tail feather into action! Stepping up to your full potential requires the courage to get in touch with your own heartfelt desires. It’s time to tap into your life from a place of heart swelling, eye popping, biggest YOU.

Action Stations Now.

It’s your duty to get in touch with your Biggest Self and the starting point for creating that awareness is to put pen to paper and quick fire away with asking yourself, “When do I feel at my best? What am I doing? Where am I? Who am I with? When do I feel in the flow, like there’s nothing else in the world that I’d rather be doing?”

It’s from this place of self awareness that we start our journey to creating the life and business we love. This sweet spot is our integrity anchor, our own personal raison d’être.

When I first did this simple exercise I discovered from within that my greatest heart swelling moment comes from enabling a person to cross the bridge in their own personal transformation. That Ahh Hah moment when I’ve reflected their own magical potential back at them and they’ve seen their own step to move forward and embrace the way to overcome a blockage in their career, their relationships, there own self-development journey. I also feel at my best when I tap into my own quiet inner reserve of stillness simply from stepping onto my yoga mat or taking that first soothing sip of a good cappuccino perched on a stool at a coffee shop window. But the biggest take-out from this exercise came days later when I started to identify my inner voice and how critical I could be of myself. Yes, I recall driving to work, being stuck in traffic and suddenly hearing my inner self saying, ‘you’re lazy!’ My greatest learning lesson was to identify the inner self-sabateur and turn the strength of that voice and channel it into the positive affirmation of “I am at my best when I am loving myself and from there all else flows.”

Ever since I’ve woken up to that affirmation on my mobile phone alarm clock. It sets the tone for the day ahead. And when as a mother, partner, friend and business owner, you’re starting a day from your best biggest Self everyone benefits around you. You have the power to create a ripple effect.From a place of self love anything is possible. From that seed of potential I’ve had the courage to own my own self worth and start my own business. From that enterprising place growth for others has also sprung forth, be it through people I work with to support my business, e.g. accountants, designers, photographers to creating business opportunities for others through a referral network to a support network around my home through home help and personal assistants.

It’s your duty. 

It’s your duty to live Big because when you step up to your desire to create a life around your Biggest Best Self then others benefit and grow in tandem with you. This is the place of growth and enterprise that our families and our communities….and our economy thrives on.

So please step up to making a difference and put pen to paper…..

When are you at your best?