No.2 It’s your duty to live Big. Become the One to Attract the One.

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No.2 It’s your duty to live Big. Become the One to Attract the One.

“When will I find the One?” Yep, that’s the one, THE most common question asked when I offer my heart to heart services as a life coach. Recently when I was exploring google ad words for key words to generate traffic to my website I discovered that the most expensive ad words for solutions to relationship issues were not  ’coaching’, ‘counselling’, ‘relationship guidance’, ‘relate’….but believe it or not, ‘Love Spells!’ There are millions of people around the world wishing to part with dollars for a quick fix solution, but it seems there are no short cuts to attracting that extraordinary love into your life.

Having kissed a few frogs along the way, I was well into my thirties when the penny finally dropped that finding that soul fulfilling relationship had to come from an inner quest to nurture the relationship with my Self first and foremost….and that’s no one night journey! I had to become the One to attract the One. Here let me share my experience on how I found my life partner and the love of my life:

Step 1. We’ve all been there. The One – The One that made you sit up and say, “‘R.E.S.P.E.C.T’ that One is soooo not for me.” Ouch. The one that opened up the opportunity to write your soul mate list of what you do want in a life partner and not what you don’t! This takes courage and a quiet corner to zone in on Me-Time. Writing your soul-mate list requires hanging out in your heart long enough to hear what it is you most desire in a life partner. It requires getting in touch with your values, your goals and what’s really really important to you.

Step 2. Let your list go and cultivate the trust that what you’ve asked for is on its way and then GET BUSY LIVING. There’s no point visioning an adventurous lover to come galloping into your life, if you can’t part with your savings to buy the VW Camper wagon you’ve always dreamed of. It’s time to get in the driving seat of your life. I remember after being single for 3 years I genuinely pushed the desire for my soul mate to the back of my mind and I spent time focusing on me. I joined a gym, outdoor fitness clubs, made some of my closest friends along the way and put my energy into creating a life. I was so single-minded in designing a life I loved that it was only on my second encounter at a work event, six months after first meeting…that it suddenly clicked that he was the One!

Step 3. Create the space for your life partner to come into your life. Declutter. As bizarre as it sounds, I started to have an intuition that someone was coming into my life and having a real urgency to declutter my house. One month after buying the most expensive item ever and deliberating whether to replace my beloved Fiat I instead opted for what seemed at the time nonsensical – a luxury sprung mattress! (And one month later, see above Step 2!) I have since passed on this rather practical and mundane tip to my girlfriends with amazing results!

Finding the One is about becoming the One. When I reflect back to that soul-mate list I wrote 4 years ago, I recall that on the list were qualities that I myself have since stepped into around life style, income, impact on the world around me, values, goals, etc. There’s truth in the saying that Like attracts Like. By really getting in touch with your own heart, setting the intention, being clear about your own worth and what you deserve in life you can be sure you’ll be ready to open the door to the heart stopping excitement of embarking on a new chapter in your own love story.

So…Action Stations

Open your life up to the love you deserve. Write your list!

For further guidance check out Oprah’s website for soul-mate writing lists