No.5 It’s your duty to live Big. Own your day!

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No.5 It’s your duty to live Big. Own your day!

‘’Where’s the day gone?” “Another day, another dollar.” “It only feels like yesterday.” Sound familiar? We owe it to ourselves to make the most of each and every precious day. In my quest to lead the life I love, I discovered that it was not so much that I needed to ‘fill’ my day with purpose but ‘create the space’ to live my purpose.

At the time of recognising and accepting my life purpose (January 2012) I was juggling a multitude of things and feeling weighed down by the burden of trying to find the time in my day to craft my business idea whilst holding onto my day job to pay the bills. But this following exercise inspired the shift. Journey with me!

Step 1: Identify all the things that take up your time – from things you have to do to things you try to squeeze in.

For me this included…my job running a company (for someone else!), keeping the home tidy, my daughter, my partner, trying to squeeze in calls to family and friends, social media, gym, running, yoga, journaling, study, business research, managing my finances, cooking, prayer, emails, gardening, shopping, going out for meals, occasional manicure and some resemblance of personal care…….sleep.

Step 2: Now close your eyes and imagine your ideal day.

Imagine where you wake up, how you feel, what you sense and walk through every moment of that ideal day.

For me my ideal day involves waking up with my partner beside me at sunrise in my home in South West Ibiza. I wander outside to do yoga and reflect on the day ahead. Then I go and spend a few hours writing when I’m at my creative best while the world still sleeps. I drive down to Ibiza Old Town with my partner for breakfast at The Croissant Show and read the papers whilst watching the world go by. Then I return to my home to coach my clients either on-line or in person. Late afternoon I go for a swim and then at sunset relax, before getting ready to spend the evening with family and friends sitting round a table eating fresh wholesome food, laughing and listening to music.

Step 3: Compare Step 1 to Step 2 and ask yourself, ‘How can I lighten the load so I can design my life around being my best and living my purpose?”

For me doing this exercise was a major ‘wtf moment’. It was clear that the major drain on my time blocking my path was my job. I was working all hours for something I did not own. I was putting in the hours before the school run and after my daughter had gone to bed, for the same pay cheque, month after month, after month. Everything else got pushed to the side, so I wasn’t even getting through the mundane, nevermind, touching the ideal!

Now for me, once I have a groundshift moment I’m an all or nothing kinda gal. And once I make a decision, there’s no turning back. I realised that I had to set up my own business (February 2012) and the only way I could create the space to work on this was to hand my notice in. (April 2012) I did this and then thought OMG, I have 12 weeks to find a new income. 48 hours later I was offered a contract – my first client. I found that by making room to live my purpose, taking a risk and having a leap of faith, the universe had certainly stepped in to help me.

Now, I’m not advocating that you hand your notice in, you’ll know when the time is just right to make your move. The key is to take the first step by getting clear on where your time goes and identifying how you want to own your time.

It’s a journey. And whilst my home in Ibiza is a few years away, I’m doing my yoga, I’m writing, I’m camped in some great coffee shops, I’m working with clients I love and I’m sitting at the dinner table with my family and a new baby boy since then too! I’m also aware that designing and living my day takes practice, discipline and meticulous scheduling to create ‘freedom within a framework’.  It’s very much a work in progress. But, is it worth it? BIG.TIME!

Action Stations

Go and envision your ideal day and take the steps to move towards it. It’s your duty to rise to the occasion of each precious day to create a life you love and deserve.  And remember it is a journey to mastery, or as Aristotle puts it,  “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” The trick is to form habits that enrich and serve you!