No. 6 It’s your duty to live Big. Dare to love and be loved!

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No. 6 It’s your duty to live Big. Dare to love and be loved!

Surrounding yourself with loving relationships is the quick step way to achieving the success you desire in your life. No personal success of note has ever been achieved in isolation but has been lifted to heights by the relationships that we hold dear. From the support of parents, to that one teacher who believed in your talents, to the team mates that helped to set up the goal, to the boss that threw you in the deep end, to the inspired life story you read in a magazine, to the coach in the wings willing you on to fulfil your destiny.

Dare to take the first step and you will be rewarded by the company of others for the second and beyond.

Daring to take that first courageous step to creating a life and business you love, starts with saying a big yes to you. It’s at this point of self emergence where support for the journey ahead is the key to reaching your destination. When it comes to relationships we are greatly influenced whether we dare to admit it or not by those closest to us. Relationships affect our way of thinking, our self-worth and our decisions. So it’s crucial to surround yourself with loving can-do people that hold your vision and can support you to stay on track through wise words, experience, a voice you respect even if they bestow the kick ass reality check and for the course, lots of love.

Weaving your net to have the confidence to fly

There is much truth in motivational speaker Jim Rohn’s assertion that ‘we are the average of the 5 people we most spend our time with.’ When I reflect back on the year in the run up to taking my own leap from corporate life to setting up my own company I can see clearly with hindsight that I subconsciously surrounded myself with the company of those who could guide and inspire me. I’d spent that year focusing on literally running my way into my new life through going to the gym and joining fitness groups where I clicked with designers, trainers and coaches already running their own businesses. I’d met my life partner who worked in the service industry and had run his own businesses and had a sense of adventure. I had also started to distance myself from family and friends that preferred the comfort zone of poor me and black hole camp outs. Through creating a new peer group I built a net of support. When I did take that leap, I was quick to join women’s networking groups on-line and on the ground, so on a daily basis I was surrounding myself with business training and inspiration to reinforce a personal desire to build connection and belonging to my new tribe, my new world.

Action Stations                   

Start to weave your own net of support. It will become for you the rich tapestry of your life. Pen to paper!

Who are the 5 people in your life that you spend time with on a daily basis?

Once you have that list, ask yourself: What do they do with their lives? How ambitious are they? How successful have they been? How happy and enthusiastic are they?

Reflect on the dynamic of your relationship with each person. Do they push you forward? Will they be the net for you when your wings are feeling clipped and you need support to keep soaring?

Make a choice of who in your list you want to continue spending time with. It’s quite normal to recognise that not everyone on your list will be supportive of the true you as they’d prefer to validate their own existence by having you camp out in the black hole. But Darling, it’s your big time to soar and be the star you have a duty to be! So, design a cross over strategy by creating those boundaries and that distance. Harness your energy to make new connections to repopulate your list with the 5 people that will support lifting you to your new level – the new vista in your life where every fresh breath you take is an inspired empowering breath.

Go forth with courage. Rise up to stepping up to Big Fabulous You! You will love the view!