No. 7 It’s your duty to live Big. Serve from the heart!

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No. 7 It’s your duty to live Big. Serve from the heart!

The baseline action of any business is to give and receive, the exchange of product and service for cash. We’ve been brought up on the adage of the ‘Customer is King’ and during this economic age, a diet of ‘Cash is King.’ Both sound a little ‘clinical’, functional and transactional in a world craving growth and enterprise. Now I’m the kinda girl that doesn’t do mundane. Developing your business needs to be centred around something extraordinary and I’m definitely more enamoured by my favourite ‘C’ word for creating a business you and your customers love – ‘Commitment.’

Positioning your Serve

Commitment is a two-way relationship served straight from the heart. On your side of the bargain is the creation of a product and service that you’re passionate about, that you believe will and does make a difference to your customer’s lives. And in return your customers come right back at you again and again for more in the most pleasurable of rallies!

The onset of this relationship match made in heaven is always a joy, but to maintain that commitment for the long haul requires your business to be anchored in integrity to stand the test of time and endear the loyalty of your customers. This requires the building of a brand that is greater than the ‘Big I Am’ to a transcendent reputation for the ‘Big Serve.’ The way to a customer’s heart is through service and being of service is the noblest of paths.

To cut a path of longevity your business needs to serve a purpose that is greater than the base needs of the cash transaction, thus moving from the mundane of a one night wonder to the extraordinary diamond milestone of anniversaries. It’s about creating a business that’s worthwhile. When your business is grounded by making a societal difference then that bigger purpose anchors your business during challenging times and also keeps the ego in check during the good times. Think of those who took one too many pay cheques only to fall off their self-serving podium and take the reputation of their business down with them – e.g. Bob Diamond, CEO of Barclays – or Gerard Ratner of the jewellers Ratner Group. For both, a case of ‘diamonds aren’t forever’.

Big Serve Role Models

One of my integrity role models includes one of the richest and most influential women on the planet, Oprah Winfrey, who enriches the lives of others through being a teacher first and foremost. Click here to hear about her duty to create the ahh haa moment for people to transform their lives. My other role model is Richard Branson, an agent provocateur who’s build a brand synonymous with great service, enterprise, fun and a dash of glam. Click here for an interview which captures his big picture spirit. Two big personalities that have transcended their ego’s by focusing on a building a business purpose that serves the wider world.

Getting your Serve off the ground

What about the journey for those of us starting out in business? It’s our duty to create a business that is reflective of our passions that serves a purpose greater than our immediate need to pay the bills. My own journey to founding Our Big Love Company was somewhat stumbled upon. During my twenties I ditched my career in banking in the City because I got bored with my own ‘I Am.’ I got bored with fixating on my bonus and the ‘take, take, take.’ Trying another career option I set up a guesthouse and beach bar in Goa but was exhausted with the ‘give, give, give’ of a 7 day, 7 month season in return for the rupee. Through my home coming to run a national customer service standard, I finally found my purpose to support others to create a life and business they love, through learning to serve their own needs to then serve their very best to others. There is much joy to be gained from creating a business that makes a difference to people’s lives. It’s our duty to be of service, because this is what stands the test of time. Once we’ve found this, we’ve mastered creating a life to be proud of. Game. Set. & Match Made in Heaven.

Action Stations

Put pen to paper and find your Me-Time to create your own ‘Big Serve’ anchor, e.g. ‘I serve…… to make a difference by……..’

Go forth and serve from the heart, love.