No. 8 It’s your duty to live Big. Sow that heartfelt Karma, Baby!

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No. 8 It’s your duty to live Big. Sow that heartfelt Karma, Baby!

When life hands you a sh** sandwich it’s tempting to think, “What the hell did I do in a previous life to deserve this?!” There is much truth in the Buddhist adage that ‘we reap what we sow.’ When life knees us in the proverbial, such moments present an opportunity to reflect on the actions taken that led you to this least desireable of lunch box deliveries and use this manure to nourish the bloom of fresher roses in your wake.

Sometimes, life delivers us a rude awakening to draw our attention to the consequences of the choices and actions that we have taken.  It’s at these times that we are forced to dig deep to understand the meaning of our actions, to love more deeply, to forgive, to learn and to grow in new directions.

I too have had my growing pains landing myself deeply in relationship and career stink-ups until I finally surrendered to my calling. The path to success and happiness was not to be found in the perceived short-cuts of the fast lane career in pursuing the big bucks of a banking career or in relationships which didn’t make it past first base desires. Greater joy has been found in following my calling to coach others to opening their lives to their full blooming potential whilst investing my big life bucks in my own personal and spiritual development, through coaching, travel, health and connecting to networks of like-minded people. I have discovered that I truly am at my best when loving myself, listening to the call of my heart and then from that enlightened place all else flows in an enriching karmic cycle of what goes around comes around.

It takes courage to lead your life from your heart. However, tapping into living your age from the Coeur frees you to take actions that feel right and beneficial, creating more meaning and purpose in our lifetime.

Action Stations

Set your wheels in motion by taking positive steps to live a life you feel you deserve. In the true spirit of cause and effect I give you two actions to create a bountiful crop:

1. From a place of desire to fulfil your life purpose, map out your own seasonal growth plan for the year ahead to nourish your heart, mind and soul. Clear out to make space for the new and prepare the ground for sowing new ventures. Commit to activities for growth to spring into action, warm up and master your new skills to benefit from the fruits of your labour for yourself and to share with others.

2. A way to master being mindful of your actions so that you can make conscious positive choices is through a daily practice of gratitude, so that you can count your blessings in this age. Draw out all the experiences and relationships you are thankful for. Make it a habit to express gratitude when the sun sets on each and every day.