No. 9 It’s your duty to live Big. Share the love!

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No. 9 It’s your duty to live Big. Share the love!

Winnie Starkey rocks! Yep, that’s my 85 year old neighbour, who’s lived on our lane for 78 years and is responsible for one of my most memorable New Year’s Eves. Not only did she make my other half cross her threshold with a traditional lump of coal as the clock struck midnight but she kept us enthralled until the early hours of the new dawn with tales of her life, her family, her role as Brown Owl and her community. A testimony to life’s riches. It’s our duty to our universal human spirit to listen and learn from our Elders for they have seen life’s tragedies and joys and serve to remind us of the rich tapestry of life.

Where we’ve come from

Our Elders also serve to remind us to live our life to the fullest, breathing in each precious day. As entrepreneurs, as we strive to create a life and business we love, it’s our duty to share the story of our journey with others in our wake. I strongly believe that as we master our business beyond a point where we can comfortably pay our bills, we can then step into our power to make a difference in the world. In particular I call out to the women of the world to roll their sleeves up in a time of global institutional upheaval.

A call to the Ladies out there to move from Thrift to Shift

The World Bank has for the past few years reported ┬áthat although women account for half the world’s population and half of the world’s university students, only 1% of the world’s wealth is owned by women. Although women work 2/3s of the world’s working hours, they earn only 10% of the world’s income and on average earn only half of what men earn for the same jobs. This has to shift because let’s face it, the current global economy is on it’s knees. The wind has been knocked out of it’s sails and it ain’t going nowhere soon out there in the doldrums. It’s well and truly been knee’d in the proverbial.

Blaze your trail to clear the path for others

As I’ve shifted from my twenties to my thirties and have children of my own I’m at a point of recognising a personal responsibility to take action to influence change outside of my family unit. It is only now that I have come to recognise the enormity of what my Great Great Grandmother, Agnus Jarvis achieved nearly a century ago. As a mother of 5, a business woman, an original Suffragette and the first female Mayor in the UK, she was a woman to behold. It is only in the past year that I fully appreciate her role and the shift she contributed to enabling women to have a recognised political voice. It’s something I’ve grown up taking for granted, however my experiences to date have led me to see the fragility of a woman’s role in society. In my 20s I grew tired of fighting for financial equality for job done in the Square Mile. Ironically, leaving London to work in India for 2 years, left me with a craving to head back to the liberalism of Europe and a sense of recognising that if we thought women had it tough here in the UK, think again. Through subsequent roles I have since come to an enlightened position that it is only through setting up my own enterprises that I can truly own my own worth.

Get rich to enrich others

Whereas our Great Great Grandmothers before us opened the door to political freedom, it is for our generation to secure our economic standing. I myself have tried in previous employed roles to have an impact in steering change in our financial institutions and in national bodies to have more female ownership at board level. It’s a hard slog and I have found that there is more progress to be had through starting my own business. I believe the world will change the more women become economically empowered through their own enterprises. When women live Big, at their full potential, financially, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, everyone benefits – you, your family, your community and your world.

Where we’re going

At a familial roots level, I feel it’s my responsibility to inspire and enable my daughter to create a life she loves and now, my newborn son. A dear friend sent me an inspirational message the other day which reminded me that as mothers we can change the world through the sons we raise too, ‘A man that treats a woman like a princess is a proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of a queen.’

We owe it to the next generation to inspire them with the shift to live and breathe a fairer world through creating a life and a business that we love and that makes a difference to our world.

Action Stations:

Create a life and business you love.

Practice sharing your story to be a light to show others the way and inspire generations to come.