No. 10 It’s your duty to live Big. Blooming Marvellous! Yes, YOU!

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No. 10 It’s your duty to live Big. Blooming Marvellous! Yes, YOU!

Now that we have journeyed to the end of our month of celebrating the power of love, it is time to Spring into Action. Shoulder to the wheel my love, because it’s time to ride the Big Wheel of Life to spin your way around the wheel of fortune. Here are the Top 10 actions to fulfil your very own horn of plenty:

No.1 Big You

From a place of self-love anything is possible.

Identify when you are at your best, because this is the place you will live Big from.

No.2 Big One

We were born to share a journey with that special person. Two’s company after all.

Write your soul-mate list and then get busy living your biggest life. Be the One to attract the One.

No.3 Big Purpose

We have our unique destiny to fulfil in this life time.

Recognise your life purpose, hurdle those fears to get out of the rut of your comfort zone and go live and breathe your very own raison d’être!

No.4 Big Story

Say Yes to the business of directing a worthwhile life.

Create your vision board and set your manifestation wheels in motion.

No.5 Big Day

Set the course each and every day to move towards achieving your vision.

Visualise your ideal day lived moment by moment. Schedule your weeks and days to move towards making your ideal day your reality.

No.6 Big Relationships

We are the average of the 5 people we surround ourselves with the most.

Surround yourself with 5 loving relationships that support, guide and love you on your way to achieving your destiny.

No.7 Big Serve

Serving a purpose bigger than our own needs keeps our wheels turning when life feels like an uphill challenge. Being of service is the noblest of paths to blaze a trail on.

Create a business that captures customer’s hearts by delivering a service that enriches their lives and in return yours.

No. 8 Big Karmic Action

Being mindful of our actions is the root to creating a positive difference in the world.

Cultivate your awareness and learn to live in the moment. Sow the seed to invest in your own personal growth for you to share your seeds of wisdom with others. Give gratitude for your daily blessing.

No. 9 Big Word

In the beginning was the word and word is that enterprise is where it’s at.

Channel your energy into creating an enterprise you love because it will make a difference to the economic standing of You, your family, your community and your world.

Share your story to inspire others to follow in your path.

No.10 Big Love

Go forth with courage to follow your life path, travelling through the 9 steps to arrive at destination Big Love where the spirit of Fortuna awaits with open arms. Open your life to the love, happiness, joy and wealth you truly deserve.

It’s your duty to be fabulous!

With love & light,

Frea xx