The Prosperity Map Service

The Prosperity Map clarifies your strengths, gifts and who you really are so you can harness your wealth potential. The map highlights opportune moments across the year, for taking action to achieve your goals at your highest capacity.

This is a unique product and service designed by Frea O’Brien using over 2 decades of numerology expertise and working with 100s of clients, including CEOs, entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders, therapists, creatives and celebrities. For people that are ready to take that major leap in their lives and want to take directive action. There’s no time like the present.

Come fly with me!

1. The Lift-Off

   The wind beneath your wings

The Lift-Off is your wake-up call that provides the space for you to reflect, refocus and take that courageous leap with the added confidence that you can make breakthrough changes in your life. You’ll discover your life purpose, personal mission, true self and how you show up best each day. You’ll also pinpoint the essential action to take right here, right now.

The service includes:

  • One-to-one session with Frea O’Brien in person or via Skype
  • Your bespoke Prosperity Map for the year ahead.
  • Follow-up report for life-time guidance
  • Follow-up clarity call

Cost: £347 


2. The Slip-Stream

   The path of least resistance

The Slip Stream is your commitment to setting out on the right path for you, releasing fears and tension, busting through your blindspots and fast-tracking your route to success.

This service includes the above Lift-Off package plus

  • 12 Monthly inflight guidance reports bespoke to you that detail your annual goals aligned to your personal month goals, getting really specific on which dates to take action and which dates to relax! This is brilliant for planning your year ahead, both professionally and personally. Helps to prioritise monthly action, keeping you focused, centred and at ease.

Cost: £1,347

(Payment plan option available at £137 per month over 12 months)


3.The Flight Path

Fine-tuning for pioneers blazing a trail

This is for you if you have the desire to rise to your highest capacity, to serve in a greater way and experience a more joyful life. The Flight Path is the path of mastery for those with the desire to make a difference in the world. Not for the faint hearted. You need ways to clear out stress and fear quickly and this service provides the tools and support fro creating shifts, fast.

This service includes both the above Lift-Off package to get you started, the Slip-Stream service to get you on route to your prosperity goals and personal one-to-one monthly inflight Clarity Calls with Frea, to hold you accountable to your highest potential and maintain pace to harnessing your goals.

Cost: £1747

(Payment plan option available at £177 per month over 12 months)

To make an enquiry and get lift-off, contact Frea O’Brien,