Soul Fire Supper Clubs

The Soul Fire Supper Clubs have been born out of a desire to create the intimate space to hold the journey for you to ignite your leadership potential and to take action to lead the life and business you desire.

Through a series of 6 annual Soul Fire Supper Clubs,  you’ll come home to lead the life you were born to live. This is the space for leaders in spirituality, personal development, well-being and conscious business.

Participants will clarify who they are and where they’re going, prioritise what enables them to stay on track, put goals and desires into motion, feel grounded, centred and in control of their lives, leave a footprint that creates a personal legacy and connect with people that inspire the confidence to just do it.

Guest tickets are £67 and inclusive of fine wine, food and company for a maximum of 8 people.

To book, please contact your host, Frea O’Brien,

Forthcoming Soul Fire Supper Clubs:

Clarity: 21st February 2015, York

Truth: 11th April 2015, York

Connection: 16th May 2015. York

Strength: 18th July 2015, York

Service: 19th September 2015. York

Gratitude: 7th November 2015, York